Horizons Mandarin Language School [汉语大视野]

  • Address:Room 303, Building 9, Sunny City, No.777 An'yuan Road
  • Getting there: Line7, Changping Road & Changshou Road
  • Contact: 18516216036   horizonsmandarin@163.com
  • Opening hours: 8:00am-9:00pm
  • Website: www.horizonsmandarin.com
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Horizons Mandarin are Professional team of Mandarin instructors with a determination to help expats living in China Speaking & Reading Chinese Easier and Faster.

Join us, You'll have the most practical materials. We offer our own professional textbook, supplemental materials, Our learning materials and lesson plans are continuously updated.
Join us, You’ll learn immensely about the local culture, people, business practices, social interactions and mentality.
Join us, You'll learn how to catch the language to establish your presence on the social networks, enables you to enjoy a rich engagement with life around you.

Free Chinese Culture Activities offer every month. Follow us on Wechat (ID: HorizonsMandarin) to get most updated information about our events, activities, promotions etc.
You deserved the BEST chinese course.

Look forward to seeing you, your friends and your family.

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