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Shanghai Trust Mover International Freight Forwarder Co., Ltd. is one branch of Trust Mover Group,who provide International Move for Household Goods & Personal Effects,Domestic Move,Local Move,Import/Export Customs Clearance,origin service and destination service,office Move,warehousing and Storage, pet handling,real estate service.We have local offices throughout China,and we have strong network throughout the world and all of them are the members of IAM,FIDI.
Our comprehensive services and price support relocating individuals, families and employees all over the world.
If want to know more information,please feel free to contact us!

Reviews (2)

Mar 26, 2021 15:02

Fraud company. Worst moving company ever

Aug 07, 2015 14:58

Used TrustMovers twice. Once for relocation within Shanghai City and another for relocation out of China. Don't be fooled by the friendly service and the lower price. Unpleasant experience. They always give a lower quote but in the middle of packing itself they will tell you that your stuff exceeds the quote and they need to charge you more money. Since they charge by space, they pack in such a way that they don't utilise space efficiently e.g. my metal spoon was wrapped up to the size of a mini-football. The head office will tell you you need to pay $X more, then the person-in-charge on the ground will tell you a bigger sum of money because they (on the ground) want to make more commission.

Later, I relocated out of China. When my goods arrived at my destination, I saw that the boxes had large holes in every carton box, with a significant item missing (a table reading lamp), nearly 1/4 of my stuff chipped or broken (these were unique decorative pieces from all over the world), my new books looked old, bent and worn, and my business suits were extremely crumpled and had mould growing on it. It looked like my stuff got thrown in the air, dragged on a muddy road in the rain, floated in the sea, dried in the sun, and then somehow looted. And during packing, TrustMovers are just in a rush and dump everything in boxes so there is no proper inventory taking and I don't know what was in each of those boxes that are missing now.

I really should have gone with the real professionals.

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