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ChineseTutoringLessons --- the globally recommended Chinese language school based in shanghai, passionate helping people worldwide learn Chinese, get to know about China to make their life, work, business, study, travel, easy, convenient, successful and fun!

* Individual Chinese Tutoring • Company Chinese Training • School Chinese Training • Language Services
* High Chinese teaching quality
* Experienced, certified, qualified, patient, passionate, motivated, dedicated, good Chinese Teacher
* Well structured, result-oriented individual study plan
*Various courses for different levels of students at all ages, including adults, university students, teens and kids (Spoken Chinese, Regular Chinese, Daily Chinese, Survival Chinese, Business Chinese, Travel Chinese, HSK preparation, Students Chinese, Special Chinese, Tailored Chinese to Cultural courses)
* Diverse, interactive, creative teaching methods
* Customerized practical useful study materials
* 1-on-1 Chinese Class (Shanghai/worldwide)
* Small Group Chinese Class (Shanghai/worldwide)
* Online Chinese Class (Skype, Msn, etc)
* 1-on-1 Telephone Chinese Class
* Flexible teaching schedule and place
* Affordable low cost
* 24 hr free Chinese language Support

Guarantee: “Tailored, Quality Chinese Teaching; Flexible, Enjoyable Chinese Study; Porfessional, Personalized Chinese Services; Your Most Effective Chinese Learning Results, All at an Affordable Low Cost!”

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Reviews (1)

Mar 18, 2015 19:23

I have had the great displeasure of paying money to this awful company: If you are anything like me you came here wanting to improve your Chinese. This company and the owner Katherine have simply made my experience here terrible. The women who runs this company is disorganized, yet over the top nice to the point of annoyance to get you to sign the contract.

Once you sign that paper, this is when the problems start. The first class is a bait and switch. I had 5 teachers during my contract. She will trick you at any chance she can and hold your classes to ransom unless you resign. This is not a one off situation but something she does to anyone who doesn’t want to renew. She forced me to make a video saying how great the company was so I could get the remainder of my classes i paid for. Avoid at all costs.

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