Recommend interns in shanghai without charge [免费推荐外籍人才]

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Meihua has successfully recomended to Beijing, Shanghai, nanjing, shenzhen and other places more than 600 private companies and foreign companies with no charge , including non-governmental organizations, joint ventures and other transport nearly 1000 foreign talent, from the European and American countries industry in international business, international relations, customer service management, finance, sales and marketing, business administration, human resources, travel, translation, law, product design, healthcare, graphic design, software development, electronic product design, construction and electrical system maintenance, etc. Interns with professional knowledge and good professional quality bring unexpected value, wide praise our partners.

美华弘联已经免费成功地向为北京、上海、南京、深圳等地600多家民营企业、外资公司、非政府组织、合资企业等输送了近1000名 来自欧美国家的外籍人才,行业遍及国际商务,国际关系,客户服务管理,金融,销售及市场,工商管理,人力资源,旅游,翻译,法律,产品设计,卫生医疗,平 面设计,软件开发,电子产品设计,建筑工程以及电子系统维护等领域。实习生以专业的知识以及良好的职业素养给企业带来意想不到的价值,广受我们的合作伙伴 好评。

At the same time, we provide high quality service for foreign talent, including applying for a visa using the official information, pick up, accommodation, insurance, and 24 hours services to help Chinese training, after hiring foreign employees from worries for domestic enterprises.


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