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Established in 2009 GuideShanghai provides travel services in Shanghai and nearby areas for both consumers and businesses offering tours, guides, interpreters, hotel and transportation services. In co-operation with Baosteel Group, we have access to the best resources and facilities to ensure the highest quality and the best overall experience for our clients. We offer a full range of highly qualified tour guides all over China, access to the best accommodations for our customers, the assurance that every meal is top-notch and every destination, unforgettable. GuideShanghai is a perfect fusion of both Asian and Western values and we know how to satisfy any customer, no matter their place of origin. Our company features an international staff of experienced, avid travelers working together to give customers the greatest experience in China possible. We meet every customer's needs by customizing their experiences and ensuring their holidays or business travels are hassle-free. We look forward to creating the perfect service for you. Our goal is to help you experience everything China has to offer without any hassles along the way.

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