Zhanqiao Pier (Qingdao Zhan qiao) [青岛栈桥]

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  • Address:12 Taiping Lu, Qingdao
  • Getting there: 8, 25, 26 2, 5 (get off at Zhanqiao Pier)
  • Contact: 0532-8288 4548  
  • Opening hours: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
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Originally built in 1891, the iconic, 440-meter-long pier has at its end a typical Chinese octagonal pavilion called Huilan Pavilion. Visitors can watch the waves crash against the base of this great ocean viewing spot, which is a vantage point for the old German Concession area, the church towers and parks, and the red clay tiles interrupted by the dark green pines of the Badaguan walkways.

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