Qingdao Lutheran Church (Jidu Jiaotang) [青岛基都教堂]

| 1 Reviews | RMB 3; RMB 4 (admission to bell tower) | Attractions
  • Address:15 Jiangsu L u, Shinan District, Qingdao
  • Getting there: 1, 214, 225
  • Contact: 0532-8286 5970  
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Built in 1910, this church has a 39.10-meter tall bell tower and 18-meter high main hall. With its sandy yellow walls, and clay red tiles, it stands out among the grayish buildings that surround it. The church can hold a congregation of 1,000. Visitors can climb a steep staircase and get into the bell tower, where the clock still chimes on the hour.

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Excuse me? I want to know some of the Lutheran Church. Thank you

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