Qingdao International Beer City [青岛国际啤酒城]

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  • Address:Inside Shilaoren National Resort, 195 Xianggang Donglu,Shinan District, Qingdao
  • Getting there: Take bus No.501 to East gate of Beer City stop(啤酒城东门)
  • Contact: 0532 8889 1214  
  • Opening hours: Opening Months: August- September
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Qingdao International Beer City is known as Asia's biggest international beer metropolis. The beer market is located at the intersection between Hong Kong East Road and Hai'er Road, occupying 35 hectares of land, divided into south and north regions. The south region is for recreation, and the north region is the multi-purpose region. In addition to the recreational beer activities, it can also host large scale amusement activities. A large scale amusement park has been built in the north region – International World.

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