Zhongshan Underground Market [青岛中山商城]

  • Address:113A Zhongshan Lu, Shinan District, Qingdao
  • Contact:  
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While you’re in the area, pop over to the nearby Jimo Lu Market, a massive four-story complex that sells anything and everything you could possibly want to buy. Venture underground to their two basement floors and you’ll find every piece of clothing you can imagine. If they don’t have the shirt, pants, shorts, dress, coat, or sweater you want, then it doesn’t exist. Move up to the ground floor which houses stationery, watches, and jewellery (including the jade and pearl variety). The second floor sells backpacks and footwear, including shoes, boots, and sandals. This is definitely the floor to visit if you’re looking for a knock-off of your favorite handbag brand. Just be prepared to spend a lot of time browsing and bargaining at this shopping Mecca.

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