Golden Sand Beach(Jinshatan Beach) [金沙滩 ]

  • Address:Phoenix Island, Qingdao
  • Getting there: Take the ferry from Qingdao Ferry Terminal to Phoenix Island (10-12 RMB), and then take Bus No.2 to Zerun Jinrong Guangchang (泽润金融广场), walk across the street and take Bus No.1 directly to Jinshatan (金沙滩)
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Golden Sand Beach is located in the southeast of Phoenix Island ( Xue Jia Dao薛家岛) and requires a ferry from Qingdao Ferry Terminal coupled with a bus ride to get there. However, the extra effort is definitely worth it. 3,500 metres long and 300 metres wide, the beach boasts soft golden sands stretching from east to west in a crescent shape. Whether you believe it or not, it is claimed to be the “No.1 beach in Asia”, while the more modest claim it’s the most beautiful beach in China at the very least. The beach is divided into several zones such as special bathing areas, children’s land, sports area, shopping area and so on. Visitors can enjoy a bunch of fun activities such as yachting, speed boating, volley ball and football, as well as sunbathing under the azure skies of course.

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