The Guangxi Ethnic Relics Center (Guangxi Minzu Wenwuyuan) [广西民族文物苑]

  • Address:Guyue Lu (near Minzu Dadao), Nanning
  • Getting there: 6 (from Railway Station, get off at Guangxi Museum)
  • Contact: 0771- 282 4411  
  • Opening hours: 8:00 am - 11:30 am, 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm
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The Guangxi Ethnic Relics Center is an open-air extension of the Guangxi Museum, where visitors can enjoy examples of the traditional architecture from the diverse minorities who live in Guangxi Province.

The Ganlan Houses built by the Zhuang people are represented here. The wooden or bamboo multi-storied houses have been used for centuries for housing and livestock of Yao people. There is also an example of the houses built by Miao People, which jut out over the water. The museum replicates the living quarters of the various ethnicities, and has collected a bridge and a Drum-Tower from the Dong people.

Amongst the houses are a number of restaurants, serving the snacks and refreshments of the various ethnic groups represented in the museum, which guests should not leave without sampling.

The Center is also the venue for a variety of festivals observed by these varied ethnic groups, when the costumes, foods, dances and rituals of the festivals are exhibited. The Zhuang festival held in the third lunar month each hear is celebrated with great energy here, involving singing and dancing, as is the Yao festival in the 10th lunar month. During these various festivals, visitors can not only experience and take part in the celebrations, but can also learn about their significance and meaning at the museum.

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