The Ancient Town of Yangmei (Yangmei Guzhen) [扬美古镇]

  • Address:west part of Yongxin District, Nanning
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The Ancient Town of Yangmei around 30 kilometers west of Nanning has undergone extensive restoration in recent years, to become a good example of a Song Dynasty town, perfect for visitors who want to experience the traditional side of China, no longer available in most cities.

Yangmei was founded in the Song Dynasty, grew in the Ming Dynasty and became an important port on the Yongjiang River during the Qing Dynasty. Despite this significance, Yangmei remained small and has a current population of around 5,300. The city's inhabitants for the most part live a traditional life and seem to have resisted the march of modernization that has swept over Nanning itself. Yue Opera is still extremely popular in the town. Yangmei is also said to be the hometown of several Chinese scholars who first explored the philosophies that led to the 1911 Revolution.

The Guixing Pavilion in Yangmei was built in 1736 in the shape of an imperial seal and has three impressive wooden carvings which sit, one on each floor of the pavilion.

Getting There: By train: train number: 8565 (departs 8:30 am; one-way ticket is RMB 2.5)
By bus: tourist bus number No.196 from Huaqiang Road (RMB 7 -
journey takes one and a half hours)
Travelers can reach this Yangmei by bus or train.

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