Huashan Frescos (Huashan Yan Bi Hua) [花山岩壁画]

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  • Address:Huashan Mountain, Ningming County, Guangxi
  • Contact: 0771-863 1111  
  • Opening hours: 6:00am to 6:00pm
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The ancient frescos of the Zhuang people were painted up to 300 meters above the Ming River on the steep cliffs of Huashan Mountain during Spring and Autumn Period, the Warring States and the Eastern Han Dynasty, though at some point they lost their significance and were forgotten until being rediscovered in 1956. Since this time, over 1300 frescos have been found, depicting a wide variety of human activity such as hunting, running and drumming. Much of the detail has been lost over time, but the vivid red paintings retain much of their energy and simplicity.

Getting There: From Nanning, take a bus to Tuolong County (travelers will need to change at Ningming County after 4 hours). From Tuolong County there is a ferry to Huashan Mountain costing RMB 80 return.

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