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The Kangaroo Bar& Coffee Shop

  • Rating:   Reviews: 7
  • Price:  
  • District:  
  • Address:  Xinghu Lu, Nanning
  • Getting there:  
  • Contact:  0771-2659543  
  • Opening hours:  
  • Website:  
  • Updated:  Mar 30, 2011


You can sit in the Beer Garden and Relax, away from the madding of the hustle and bustle of the city. At present it serves Heineken, Blue Ribbon, Budweiser, Tiger and of course the excellent local Chinese Beers. Additionally, The Kangaroo Bar sells German & Dutch Beers in 5 liter kegs. It also serves basic Chinese food as well as Western food such as sandwiches, Australian Hamburgers and much more.

Reviews (7)



any idea where to go in nanning now for the westerner to enjoy a beer, good food and a late night or 2?? new to nanning...,



Brian Williams

I last visited there in 2007, and had a blast with then Owner Dusty, I am so sad to hear that a great place like this has " gone to the dogs", and is now for gays,lesbians, and "druggies", but after seeing pictures of Dusty's head after he was hit over the head by a lesbian,with a beer bottle, I can believe a great place has gone " downhill", . Very Sad !


old skip

well i walked into my old haunt tall n proud looking around at the weird crowd,
there were guys kissing guys and dames kissing dames i thought what the is this some new kangaroo bar game ??

this old bar of mine sure has changed over some time,
no more good times for the boys now it is for the queers, homo's and carpet munchers it seems.

with sad of heart and heavy in tread out the door i hastely tread, fearing my virginity would be shed, i ain't no poo pusher nor a shirt lifter but if i had stayed at this den of homosexuality i would strike them all dead.

i now ponder upon the good times of the past when us good old boys could get drunk and have a good laught.
never again shall i return to the past.
nor leave my footprints in the kangaroo bar nanning guangxi china.
the place has gone to the dogs or should i say the Queers of Nanning, the joint should be shut down, better still burnt to the ground, signed "Old Skip" ex mine host.



yes i see last evening at kangaroo bar much not good like bad service, womans fighting then the womans kissing ?? very bad this womans owners the 2 woman fig then kiss like man and woman crazy place ?? someone then steel my moneys from my pocket i talk to boss womans they tell me tell police, no this is not good bar no more, before my good friend he own bar but he now go away this very good bar then we have many sing song times we chinese like the western mans sing we laugh happy enjoy but it now dangerous bar lot a criminal looking peoples at this kangaroo bar ,, sorry my english not so good. i tell you no go this bar no more my wife frightend same me.


Hans Beihai

yes no more australian bar, only kangaroo in name , it has turned into a homosexual bar for nanning, it is now owned by 2 lesbians, a known hangout for deviates, transgenders, shady characters, drug pushers, the old days of party till dawn are long gone as is previous owner.i was there last night and had to walk out, no service, staff could not understand simple english word "Beer" some locals in the corner were smoking dope and much to my wifes dismay two guys were kissing each other at the next table to ours, no the place has gone down hill since the last owner left,



Sorry no australien owner anylonger. No english spoken staff.
And the address is Xinghu Lu ,Nanyili , Nanhuchun 73, Nanning.
There is no food to find here but they have beer but not international.
New telephonenumber is 13768659593.


Bruce & Jianling

what a fantastic place we had a wonderful night here
I am a kiwi & wife is from nanning great hosts and a good place to meet other travelers
thanks a bunch mate..........

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