SOS International Clinic [南京SOS国际诊所]

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If you've got the money or are seriously ill, the Western medical prices here are well worth it. Service is extremely professional, imported medicines are available and the doctors are either foreign nationals or speak excellent English.

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Jun 25, 2011 01:45

My gynecologist in Shanghai is chinese.....So...she reacts in a chinese way.....Even if she works in one of the most famous Shanghai's hospital.
She called SOS clinic Nanjing to tell them I was pregnant and needed a specific medecine they have to prevent a miscarriage.

SOS refused to deliver it to me because they wanted a prescription.

SOS called my gynecologist, in this famous hospital, and she replied that any doctor in Nanjing has got that medication and that a prescription was not needed. She's chinese remember...

Do you know what SOS did? the so "western" SOS clinic? Those who are supposed to help westerners?

They refused to give me my medication. I told them I was facing a miscarriage! That my baby's life was at stake. They still refused.

Can you believe it? I still don't.

I'm now preparing a trip to Shanghai to have my medecine as soon as possible (two days of negociations with SOS for nothing).

Hurrrah SOS! You're certainly the bests!

What is a baby's life compare to a piece of paper ?? :-)

International SOS
Jun 08, 2011 22:09

Our Clinic in Nanjing has moved. Our new adress is:

Grand Metro Park hotel, 319
East Zhongshan Road
1st Floor
Nanjing, P.R
China 210016 China

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