Nanjing Jingtailan Craftwork Gallery [南京竺茗景泰蓝工艺画廊]

  • Address:Suite 103, Unit 2, Building 1, Bishui Garden, Yaolin Xianju, Yaohuamen, Qixia District, Nanjing
  • Getting there: Take bus NO.79,108,139 to Wujiabian stop
  • Contact: 13770341086
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This art gallery exhibits and sells Cloisonné (Jingtailan) jewelry. This style of jewelry originated in the Yuan Dynasty , and became widely popular during the Ming Dynasty , when a number of special manufacturing techniques were developed, including ''blue hue''. The Nanjing Jingtailan Craftwork Gallery is renowned for having mastered the process, and it is considered one of the most reasonable and affordable art galleries of its kind.

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