Hunan Lu [湖南路]

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While the malls in this area are nothing particularly special, the shopping along Hunan Lu is worth checking out if you're in the Xuanwu Lake area. An interesting find along this area is the foreign bookstore. English books are relatively hard to come by in Nanjing, and while this selection isn't stellar, it should peak the interest of an avid reader (as long as they haven't read all the books already). Other than that, Hunan Lu has your standard Chinese malls with the Chinese fashions. However for those willing to do a bit of searching, there's a great street just north of Hunan Lu with more boutique stores that are a popular spot for the young and trendy in Nanjing. While it's no fashionistas paradise, it has unique clothes for more reasonable prices than what you see in the traditional malls. And if it's where the young people are shopping, then it must be cool. Bus No. 56 takes you up to Hunnan Lu, but the easiest way is to take the metro to the Xuanwu Lake stop.

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