Shanghai Lu [上海路]

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For those enjoy a more boutique feel to their shopping shopping, the stores along Shanghai Lu and Ninghai Lu are a must. If you like a more intimate shopping experience without the crowds and hoopla that often comes with the mall experience, these streets are a great way to check out the latest fashions in China. You'll find many options strolling around Nanjing's university areas. For those women who have a more shapely figure than the sometimes "less-endowed" Chinese women, there's even a place that sells decent undergarments for women (basically they have bras for all you ladies who are filling D cups and above). It's a great spot for knockoffs and factory recalls. There are a few great shops that have Western shoes (a rare find in China unless you're in Beijing or Shanghai) and "designer" handbags. For the outdoors enthusiast, there are a few shops selling decent collections of outdoor wear, shoes and gear. While the authenticity of the merchandise in some of these shops can be somewhat suspect, it's still a great area to find a great discounted deal on a pair of designer jeans, shoes or outdoor gear. Shanghai Lu is pretty centrally located, Bus No. 65 has stops along the road where you can find some good shops.

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