Istanbul Café [伊斯坦布尔咖啡 ]

  • Address:"102,Building 1,Shanghai Lu, Gulou District, Nanjing (near Beijing Xilu)
  • Getting there: Take Bus No.11,20,24,56,65,83,152,811,813 to Yunna Lu stop
  • Contact: 025 8330 9030  
  • Opening hours: 11:00-22:00
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There are some foods that you never really knew you missed being in China until you see them in front of you. For those who love Greek and Turkish-style food, Nanjing’s Istanbul Cafe should be on your list to try. Again on the heavily traveled Shanghai Lu, Istanbul Cafe offers a great variety of food. Even though the restaurant is relatively new to the city, their menu and kitchen makes this a stand-out restaurant in Nanjing. After an afternoon or evening at Istanbul Cafe, you’ll remember just how much you missed hummus and proper wraps. You may even find a new love in the Turkish style pizzas. After some great food and Turkish tea give the restaurant’s great hookah selection a try. An important note: they don’t serve alcohol, but they are OK with guests bringing their own. If you’re looking for a new favorite lunch spot or to get your fix for hummus and wraps in Nanjing, Istanbul Cafe is your place.

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Jul 26, 2011 03:02

sorry wrong sent

Jul 26, 2011 02:45

This number don't exist and i went there and couldn't find it

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