Cosima [可西玛]

| 2 Reviews | RMB 81 | Gulou District | Cafés
  • Address:120 Shanghai Lu, Gulou District, Nanjing
  • Getting there: Take bus No.813 to North of Wutai Mountain stop
  • Contact: 025 8333 7576  
  • Opening hours: 11:00-00:00
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The newest addition to the Nanjing restaurant scene, Cosima is already an instant fit for Westerners and Chinese alike looking for a better pizza. In what may be the smallest restaurant in Nanjing, comes one of Nanjing's pizza pies. With fresh ingedients and imported cheese, it's no wonder why Nanjiners are already booking up the restaurant's three tables almost nightly. And with 12-inch pies ranging from 38 to 58 RMB the price is so right. If you're looking for a lighter dish, their other dishes are noteworthy as well, especially the traditional salad at a mere 20 RMB. Their vast, and reasonably priced wine selection is just another feature that will quickly make Cosima one of Nanjing's most saught after restaurants. Keep in mind however, that the place is small and reservations are almost a must. Cosima also offers take away (but no delivery), but an oven fresh pizza at home with a good DVD is worth the trip.

Reviews (2)

Jul 29, 2012 02:56

LOVE the atmosphere - sitting outside in evening or nighttime is perfect, even in the summer. A great place for a glass of wine, some tapas - the salad is really tasty and the pizza is genuine; you can taste the olive oil. Call ahead for big orders and there is no wait.

Paula Boyles
Oct 15, 2010 21:16

It is funny that it says that an update was made yesterday but the review hasn’t changed and it should.

The restaurant does have good pizza but the selections are not vast by any stretch. The so-call meat pizza is literally the other non-meat pizza on the menu with a very scarce sampling of meats.

The real winners are the appetizers, salads (the best Ive ever tasted) and the t-bone steak (love the wine sauce!).

The real downside for this restaurant and I truly believe that it could be its downfall well is the service. The owner/chef takes and inordinary amount of time in preparing an order. I am not sure that it is because the kitchen is so small that only one dish can be prepared at a time or just lack of preparation on the part of the chef. What I am sure is that if all 3 tables are full and you are the last party to arrive, expect to wait at least an hour for your food and this is no exaggeration!

Forget take away because if you arrive when the chef is cooking for a full house, then you will be told that it be a long time and turned away.

I am not sure how these very serious problems could be remedied but they need to in order for the restaurant to get the recognition it deserves.

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