Yunnan Provincial Museum (Yunnan Sheng Bowuguan) [云南省博物馆]

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This Provincial Museum contains more than 50,000 relics, including 7,000 bronzes, 7,000 ethnic minority relics, 4,000 ancient handicrafts and a huge array of historical artifacts. There is a fascinating collection of art from the Dali Kingdom and other periods of Yunnan' history. One of the highlights of the museum is a group of hominid fossils that dates back 1.7 million years. The museum also displays bronze tablets dating back to the

Warring States Period

Warring States Period (475-221 BC)
A period of the Zhou dynasty when seven powerful states struggled for supremacy. The first part of the period saw stability and reform. In the second part, the Qin finally annexed six of the states, ushering in the Qin dynasty, and unity in China for the first time. [ Dynasties ]

, and ink paintings from the

Northern Song Dynasty

Northern Song Dynasty (AD 960–1127)
Site of Capital: Kaifeng (then called Bianjing)
A profoundly important historical period. Army control was centralized, merit appointment of officials was strengthened, the arts reached new heights, movable type was invented. In 1127 the Jurchen army from Manchuria overthrew the Northern Song. The remains of the Song court established the Southern Song dynasty in Hangzhou. [ Dynasties ]


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