The Wicker Basket [馨香烤屋]

| 4 Reviews | main courses average 35 RMB | International
  • Address:Beichen Xiaoqu Walkway C-14, Panlong District,Kunming
  • Getting there: Take bus No.25, 67 to Beichen Zhonglu stop
  • Contact: 0871 573 0647  
  • Opening hours: 08:00-21:00
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The service at the two Wicker Baskets is excellent. However, we have included them on our list for one reason and one reason only; the superb all you can eat salad bar which is held every evening from 18:00-20:00. For the price you won’t find a better salad bar anywhere else in SW China. Fresh garden salads, pasta salads, nut and fruit salads and a wide variety of garnishes, pickles and dressings crowd the table. Along with these is a selection of cold meats and lots of small snacks such as crackers, potato croquettes and fried onion rings. To top it all off The Wicker Basket produce excellent bread, which is also provided as part of the deal.

Outside the salad bar the menu doesn’t get us too excited. There are a few items that you won’t find in our other choices, such as chicken kiev, but these are generally all imported frozen products. Great if you’re feeling homesick but not so special otherwise. What lets Wicker down in our opinion is the décor. Although both locations have nice outdoor seating areas, the inside reminds of a cheap granny’s tea parlour. If the chintzy floral curtains don’t send you running for the Western Hills, the nursery rhyme style Christian music surely will. You have been warned.

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Doug Schreiber
May 06, 2012 16:04

We just returned from a visit to Kunming that included two meals a two different Wicker Baskets - one near Kunming International Academy school and the other at the location marked here. I think there is a third more North of downtown - per Google Maps.
The portions are generous and reasonably priced - for Western food - which is always more expensive in the Far East. The food was good - maybe comparable to a diner here in the states but not a TGI Friday or Ruby Tuesday. I just keep in mind what they have to work with and, not being a huge US business.
Service was good and prompt.
Seating was adequate at both times; most customers were non-Chinese when we went.
Salad bar was quite a value and presented many options.
The fact they have fresh bakery and many other western items was comforting.
Bottom line, if you're desiring western tastes and don't want McDonalds, Wicker Basket is the place to go.
PS: They have free WiFi as well as outdoor seating at both locations we tried!

William Withers
Mar 08, 2012 07:51

Your comments are appreciated.. if they are accurate (positive or negative). It is true the restaurants could improve their decor and we take your comments seriously. (We have no floral curtains in any of our stores by the way), but the fact that in 2011 we didn't serve Chicken Kiev and the fact that when we did serve it in the past that everything was home made from local products (not imported). You are free to criticize the music this a matter of taste. Some of the music played is part of a very worldwide and popular Contemporary Christian music genre which very view people would consider..nursery rhyme.

Jun 20, 2011 18:24

Ah, a bit touchy are we? People can't make a negative comment without it becoming a "slur"? A critique will have both positive and negative comments. Wicker basket north is a bit crowded. Could have better seating available downstairs, but they pack a lot of merchandise in so its a compromise. Yes, big salad bar upstairs.

William Withers
Aug 28, 2010 11:45

How inaccurate a slur on the Wicker Basket. First of all the restaurants don’t have any flowered curtains and every dish on the menu is made from ingredients purchased in China, Yunnan or Kunming. The Wicker Basket is a family restaurant and makes no apology for being Christian. They play a variety of music tending mostly to soft jazz. Rated by most visitors as the best restaurant in town and receives five stars in the reviews.

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