Haixinyuan Self-Service Apartment [昆明海鑫源自助公寓]

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"Haixinyuan Self-Service Apartment" is a short-term housing solution for people residing inn Kunming for only a short period of time. Self-Service Apartment is an innovative short-term accommodation solution for those not wanting to deal with long term leasing and renting. Self-Service Apartments are considered fully equipment living accommodations including furniture and all amenities including internet access fixed amount of water, gas and electricity.

Individuals interested in renting an apartment for at least six month requires a security deposit of RMB 1500 – RMB 2000.

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May 15, 2015 10:39

Anyone who needs to rent a house in Kun Ming,please call mobile 15087001523.
We will try our best to find the most suitable house for you.

Feb 17, 2015 13:32

Are there any websites that show photos of rental accommodation that is available? I am researching for my husband who is relocating to Kunming.

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