Xingguo Temple

  • Address:on the half way of Thousand-Buddha Hill (Qianfo Shan), Jinan
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Located in the old city, north of Luoyuan Bridge, Five-dragon Pond Park is named after Wulong (five-dragon) Pond inside it. This relatively small park has an area of around five and a half hectares, nearly a fifth of which is pools, ponds and lakes.

Wulong Pond is located in the middle of the park and used to a part of Daming Lake. There is a legend that during droughts, if you prayed at the side of Wulong Pond, you would be blessed with rain. Therefore early in the Yuan Dynasty temples were constructed next to the pond sculpted with symbols of the five-dragon god, who has power over rain, after which the pond was renamed Five-dragon pond.

26 ancient and famous springs are dotted about the park including the Five-dragon Pond Spring Cluster, which is one of the largest spring clusters in Jinan with unsurpassed water quality.

Visitors to the park can also see the the original site of Shandong's Provincial Leadership Department, the house of Qin Qiong (a famous general of the Tang Dynasty

whose hometown was Jinan) and the calligraphy seal cutting works of Wu Zhongqi, a famous calligrapher from Shandong.

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