Agricultural Bank of China [中国农业银行]

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Tianqiao District Sub-Branch
Add: 18 Dongxidanfeng Jie, Jinan
Tel: 0531-85867678

Lixia District Sub-Branch
Add: 52 Jiefang Donglu, Jinan
Tel: 0531-88552640

Shizhong District Sub-Branch
Add: 11 Jingsan Lu, Jinan
Tel: 0531-86156599

Licheng District Sub-Branch
Add: 101 Huayuan Lu, Jinan
Tel: 0531-88901730

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Connor Ladson
Feb 01, 2012 22:11

Dear Manager,
I am wishing to do an international money transfer from China to Australia. Could you tell me if this is possible. If so ,what are the minimum/ maximum amounts per transaction? What is the commision percentage per transaction and do you have English speaking staff
Connor Ladson

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