CCPIT Shandong Sub-Council(CCOIC Shandong Chamber)

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The CCPIT Jinan Sub-Council and CCOIC Jinan Chamber of International Commerce are non-governmental organizations for the promotion of foreign trade composed of representative figures, enterprises and associations in Jinan. Its purpose is, under the guidance of the Government's policy, to promote China's foreign trade, to promote the utilization of foreign investment, to promote the introduction of foreign advanced technology and various kinds of economic and technical cooperation, and to promote the mutual understanding and friendship between the people in the industrial and commercial circles of China and other countries all over the world.

Each year, the CCPIT Jinan Sub-Council sponsors and organizes scores of exhibitions and makes contacts with international organizations to arrange visits to Jinan.

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Lizette G. Pi?on
May 26, 2012 00:47

I would like to request your assistance regarding a company in Jinan, Shandong.
Company China JiLu Chemical Co,Ltd
Address No200 huayuan road,Licheng district, Jinan Jinan Shandong 250100 China
Phone 86 - 0531 - 55508804
Fax 86 - 0531 - 62307091

I am asking for a refund of payment since they did not deliver what I ordered.
I ordered 150 kilos of Antimony Sulfide to be sent via Fed Ex. They required payment of 100% telegraphic Transfer.
At first they only said 40%. I sent the 40%. Then Lelesophia said her manager wants the other 60% before they ship my order. they guaranteed me that the order will be sent 12 hours after receiving the balance.
All I got was 300 grams.
I am demanding the full refund of my payment . They are giving me a lot of reasons. All their contact numbers cannot be reached.
Since you are promoting foreign trade, I am assuming you can help me.
I have all the documents to support my claim.
This type of fraudulent businesses can destroy the trust of foreign buyers.
They say they do not need my money. Until now they are not giving me an answer on when will they return my money.
Please help. I am planning to circulate my claim in all the websites they are connected.
Thank you and hoping for a response from you.

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