Jinan Municipal Museum (Jinan Shi Bowuguan) [济南市博物馆]

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This museum, which was moved from its original site in 1997, aims to educate visitors about the culture and history of Jinan. More than 20,000 artifacts are exhibited here, including paintings, calligraphy, a very rare Neolithic ivory comb, Shang Dynasty bronze weapons and colored pottery figurines unearthed from the Western Han Dynasty Tombs. The bulk of the collection is of paintings and calligraphy especially from the Ming

and Qing dynasties. Many other works by Song, Yuan and Qing Dynasty landscape painters hang alongside the work of modern artists such as Zheng Banqiao, Qibaishi and Xu Beihong. The museum houses special exhibitions on a regular basis.

Admission: normal days: Adult: RMB 5, Student: RMB 2
Weekend and holidays: RMB 3 for adult, Student: RMB 1
Free for all on Friday

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