Wusutu National Forest Park (Wu Su Tu Guojia Senlin Gongyuan) [乌素图国家森林公园]

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  • Address:mid range of Yinshan Mountain, north of Hohhot, Hohhot
  • Getting there: ourist bus
  • Contact: 0471-3679178  
  • Opening hours: 8:30-17:30
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Located on the south slope of the middle part of Daqing Mountain, the Wusutu National Forest Park covers an area of 80,400 hectares. The park has many notable sights, including the Guanyu Temple built in the Song Dynasty

and the Wusutu Zhao (Temple/Palace) which integrates Qing, Mongolian, Han and Tibetan architectural styles. The large park also features hotels, restaurants shops and golf-buggies can be hired to aid visitor's travel around the area.

One of many great Walls built in China can be found in the Wusutu National Forest Park, built in the Zhao Area during the Warring States Period

. Sections of the Old Bai road can also be found here: this road connected the north and south parts of Daqing Mountain in ancient times, and played an important part in connecting the entire Daqing Mountain Region. The posthouse which served travelers on this area is still open to travelers. Spotted deer, peace pigeons and Sichuan ponies have all been brought into the area.

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