Foreign Merchants International Club Hotel Fitness Center [外商国际俱乐部酒店健身中心]

  • Address:83 Science Dadao, New-high Tech Industrial Development Zone, Hefei
  • Contact: 0551-2229888  
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Located in a luxurious business hotel, this fitness center has the first squash court in Hefei, fitness equipment, table tennis, billiards, tennis courts and a swimming pool.

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Ann-Marie Clements
Aug 29, 2011 13:41

Hi, I'm here in Hefei for the next 10 months and would like to know where your facility is located? I want to join a health club to exercise, but I need more info on your rates. Please e-mail me back with information. I'm currently working at the Hefei No. 1 High School.

Thank You!


Ann-Marie Clements

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