Baohe Park (Baohe Gongyuan) [包公园]

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This park is the site of the memorial temple and tomb of Lord Bao (999-1062), a renowned official of the Northern Song Dynasty. Also known as Bao Zheng, he is revered as an upright and incorruptible officer who administered justice impartially, regardless of rank or position. His memorial temple is the foremost historical attraction in Hefei city. The current appearance of the temple is the result of reconstruction in the Qing Dynasty. There are five halls in the temple complex: the Stele Pavilion, the Main Hall, the Second Hall and the east and west exhibition rooms.

In the center of the main hall is a huge bronze seated figure of Lord Bao, about 2.7m (9 feet) tall, flanked by statues of bodyguards. Instruments of torture, which are recognized as symbols of justice, are on the left of the statue. In the right wall of the hall is a stone image of Lord Bao. In the east and west exhibition rooms there are pictorial and documentary displays related to Lord Bao.

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