Industrial and Commercial Bank of China [中国工商银行]

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Anhui Branch Business Department
Add: 616 Meiling Dadao, Hefei
Tel: 0551-2667089

Hefei Branch
Add: 154 Changjiang Lu, Hefei
Tel: 0551-2653663

Jinzhai Lu Sub-Branch
Add: 388 Jinzhai Lu, Hefei
Tel: 0551-2653051

Changjiang Donglu Sub-Branch
Add: 1015 Changjiang Donglu, Hefei
Tel: 0551-4696403

The Peony Sub-Branch
Add: 381 Meiling Dadao, Hefei
Tel: 0551-2889247

Shouchun Lu Sub-Branch
Add: 211 Shouchun Lu, Hefei
Tel: 0551-2642073

New Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone Sub-Branch
Add: 667 Changjiang Xilu, Hefei
Tel: 0551-5311719

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