Museum of Anhui Notables (Anhui Mingren Guan) [安徽名人馆]

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  • Address:North foot of Dashushan Mountain, west suburb, Hefei
  • Getting there: 18, 29, 168, 221, 234, 801
  • Contact: 0551-5388275  
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The Museum of Anhui Notables is located in the western suburbs of Hefei, north of Dashushan Mountain Scenic Area. The museum features waxworks and multimedia displays depicting 50 Anhui historical figures from ancient times period to the Qing Dynasty. Among the 50 notables are: Laozi (Lao-tzu), a philosopher of ancient China and an important figure in Daoism; Caocao, a political and military figure from the three Kingdoms Period, and Lord Bao (Bao Zheng). The Museum also features a re-creation of the Battle of Red Cliffs (the Battle of Chibi), which took place 1800 years ago.

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