Longsheng Hot Springs National Forest Park [龙胜温泉国家森林公园]

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  • Address:Longsheng Hot Spring Tourism Resort, Longsheng, Guilin
  • Getting there: Take the long distance bus from the Guilin main bus station to Longsheng bus station. A bus connects from there to the forest park.
  • Contact: 0773-7482319  
  • Opening hours: all day
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Longsheng Hot Springs National Forest Park is located 130 kilometers (81 miles) northwest of Guilin. The main feature of the park is its famous hot springs, but it is also notable for its dense forests and abundant animal life, including such rare species as black bears, macaques, civets, and giant salamanders. Although relatively small – 260 hectares (642 acres) in area – the park has a number of substantial peaks, on which indigenous trees like gingkos, Chinese tulip trees and yews grow in profusion.

The sixteen hot springs in the park range in temperature from 45 to 58 degrees C (113 to 136 degrees F), and the waters, rich in beneficial minerals, are pure enough to be drunk directly from the source. Facilities in the park include resort houses, hot spring bathing centers, hotels, restaurants and shopping malls.

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