Guilin Botanical Garden [桂林植物园]

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  • Address:Yanshan Mountain, Yanshan Town, Guilin
  • Getting there: From Guilin Railway station, take the Yangshuo train to Yanshan Mountain.
  • Contact: 0773-3550084, 3550103  
  • Opening hours: 8.00am – 5.30pm
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Guilin Botanical Garden is located 24km south of Guilin city. The 67-hectare (166-acre) park has more than 3000 species of subtropical plants, cultivated for both scientific purposes and recreational enjoyment. Zoned by plant type and including a section devoted to medicinal varieties, the park includes many rare and spectacular species which will be of interest to scientists, therapists, gardeners and anyone who loves plants and flowers.

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Dec 05, 2011 14:14

don t know if you can help, but I was in Guilin recently and there seem
to be a shrub widely used in all beds which has a red small leaf and is
planted everywhere in Guillin and around . It is either kept low or is also shaped. I have seen it with pink flowers and white flowers, very small flowers. it is used a lot I reckon because of its foliage. Love to know the name of this shrub as I would love to get it. We have a house in the South of France and I am sure the climate would be similar.

Thank you for enlightening me on this plant.

Kind regards

Solange Wood

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