From Yangdi to Xingping (Yang Di Dao Xing Ping) [杨堤到兴坪]

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On the Guilin-Yangshou river cruise, the stretch from Yangdi to Xingping is the highlight. Much of the scenery for which Guilin is justly famous is on show along the banks and in the distance: soaring limestone karsts rear up out of the green landscape, bamboo groves dot the countryside and peaceful water buffalo loaf in the river shallows. The boat sails past rural scenes that have changed little in a thousand years, as farmers tend their paddy fields and boatmen use tame cormorants to catch fish. Some of the sights to be seen on this part of the cruise are:
Mural Hill: a 100-meter-high cliff face with a colorfully-weathered surface that has given rise to a host of stories and legends.

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