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China-Southeast Asia Agricultural Production Materials (Guangxi) Fair
The China-Southeast Asia Agricultural Production Materials (Guangxi) Fair is held annually in Guilin with the aim of developing markets for Guilin' s agricultural sector and promoting international competitiveness, particularly in the SE-Asian market.
Products and Services on display at the fair include:

- insecticides, fungicides, weed killers, rodenticides, nematocides, plant growth regulators, molluscacides, algicides, fumigation agents, biological pesticides and green pesticides;
- fertilizers, biological fertilizers, organic fertilizers, complex fertilizers, controlled release fertilizers, compound fertilizers, fast spread fertilizers, microbial fertilizers and seed plant fertilizers;
- bio-technology and products which are good for the growth or improvement of plants;
- seed, reproduction and packaging equipment;
- animal medicines, animal health care products, animal medical equipment, disease-prevention technology, hatching equipment, slaughtering equipment;
- forage and forage additives, forage packaging equipment;
- harvesting equipment, production, packaging, preservation, storage and refrigerating equipment, quality control machinery;
- environmental protection equipment, energy saving technology and equipment, cultivation and sowing equipment and farm vehicles.

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