The Chinese Language Institute (CLI) [桂林喜爱教育信息咨询有限公司]

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  • Address:31 Chaoyang Xilu, Guilin
  • Getting there: If taking a taxi to CLI from the airport, train station, or any other location in Guilin, the following directions can be read to, or printed and given to, a taxi driver: 从三里店过去,经过师大的大门后继续往前走,在师大加油站对面有条小路叫朝阳西路,过马路后沿着小路一直走,往前进大概三百米,在左手边有一栋建筑门前挂着很多红灯笼的地方
  • Contact: 0773 218-0150
  • Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 08:30- 18:00
  • Website:
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CLI was founded by two American brothers who have lived, worked and studied in China for a combined 15 years. After recognizing China's growing importance in the world, they brought together their talents to offer students worldwide a uniquely focused path toward learning the Mandarin language. Since inception in March 2009, CLI has hosted over 375 students from 26 countries worldwide. We occupy our own 5-story learning center in the beautiful southern city of Guilin. Earlier last year, Frommer's travel guide said of CLI: "We recommend the Chinese Language Institute in Guilin as one of the best places in the country to work on your Mandarin skills." With highly personalized service and a carefully developed language learning environment at its core, CLI strives to be the premier intensive Mandarin program in China.

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