Guangzhou Cultural Park (Guangzhou Wen Hua Gongyuan ) [广州文化公园]

  • Address:37 Xidi Erma Lu, Liwan District, Guangzhou
  • Getting there: 1, 5, 31, 38, 102, 103, 106
  • Contact: 020 8101 0628  
  • Opening hours: 06:30 - 21:30
  • Website: (Chinese)
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Guangzhou Cultural Park is a multifunctional park that combines entertainment, sightseeing and exhibitions. Covering 83,000 square meters on the banks of the Pearl River, it boasts as its major attraction a garden that adheres to traditional southern China garden design with 18 courtyards adorned with statues and relief sculptures, many depicting Chinese legends and modern city scenes. All combine the characteristics of traditional Chinese sculpture and Lingnan (southeastern China) art style. Most locals like heading straight to the central platform, as it is the venue for Peking, Ping and Yue Opera. Another highlight of the park is the Han City, a mini-replica of a Han Dynasty city. The gharries (horse drawn carriage), costumes, etiquette, sculptures and furniture show the life style and culture of Han people in China. Life-like wax figures and bas-reliefs of famous Han Dynasty figures can also be admired in the park. The little Han Dynasty city is the venue for entertainment and dinning. There are several teahouses, restaurants and snack vendors. Martial arts, acrobatic and magic shows can be seen around the area. The park is the venue for a lantern show during Mid-autumn Festival, and also for the Spring Festival Flower show and Ram City Chrysanthemum Show.

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