Guangdong Experimental Middle & High School [广东实验中学]

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Middle School Department
Add: 51 Zhongshan Silu, Guangzhou
Tel: 020-83810947, 83818022
Fax: 020-83856813

High School Department
Add: 1 Shilu, Fangcun Sheng, Guangzhou
Tel: 020-81508188, 81505108
Fax: 020-81406852, 81508188

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Jun 06, 2016 14:13

Hello Sir, I want to ask if I can get the email for the High school department because I want to apply to come to study there so how can I contact you through you're email address.
This is my email:

Jun 19, 2012 06:18

i want to study there because is good

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