Classic Mandarin Training School [新语翔中国语学校]

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  • Address:Room1106,West Tower, Ocean Pearl Building,NO.21,HuaLi Road, Zhujiang New Town,Tianhe District,GZ.
  • Getting there: ExitB1,zhujiang Newtown Metro Station,Line 3 Or Line5 ,
  • Contact: 15915729732
  • Opening hours: 8:00-21:00
  • Website:
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Classic Mandarin Training Centre
新语翔 ---您专业的私人汉语教室。

Classic Mandarin----
Your private professional Chinese Language Training Classroom.
Classic Mandarin is a specialized Chinese language training school. We aim at providing Chinese training at all levels and promoting culture exchange for all the foreign friends and overseas Chinese living in South East of China. We strive to perfect our Chinese Training with good faith and dedication. In 2008, we only had one school. Ever since 2008 we have strived to improve our quality of teaching. As a result we have many students who are currently studying with us. In Shenzhen, We are now in the process of expanding our business. Till date we have 3 branches in Shenzhen.

中心主要业务Main Service
1.速成汉语 Short-term Chinese 2.商务汉语 Business Chinese
3.日常生活汉语 Daily Life Chinese 4.HSK课程 HSK Course
5.少儿汉语 Kid’s Course

其他课程Other Courses
1英语 English. 2.日语Japanese 3. 粤语 Cantonese
4.小语种培训 Other Languages 5. 英检课程 EIKEN Test Course

文化课程 Cultural Courses
1.毛笔Chinese Calligraphy 2.水墨画Chinese Painting 3.瑜伽YOGA
4.二胡Erhu 5. 功夫 Kung fu(太极拳、咏春拳,散打,套路)
其他服务Other Services
2.临时翻译Interpreting Service

Form of Class
One on one

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