Guangzhou Elizabeth Women's Hospital

  • Address:484 Kangwang Zhonglu, Liwan District, Guangzhou,
  • Getting there: chen clan academy , metro line 1.
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  • Opening hours: 08:00-17:30
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Guangzhou Elizabeth Women's Hospital is a British-style, international maternity and child health care hospital under the co-operation between Shanghai Baijia Women and Children's Hospital Investment Management Co. Ltd and British Royal Medicine College. Services:  Multi-lingual English, French, Arabic, Japanese, Cantonese Foreign experienced doctors . Online, call or email for an appointment which can avoid waiting to see the doctor. VIP free pick-up service (For In-patient and Group Health Check-ups only, please arrange three days in advance if possible) and visa extension assistance. 24-hour emergency service and free WIFI internet service round the clock.

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Jan 05, 2017 16:55

Hi, I'm Seema.I’m so glad to tell you that last month my baby girl was born in Elizabeth hospital successfully. Now let me share you my story.

-It was my first baby, so I was quite excited and nervous at the same time. My friend has been to Elizabeth hospital for delivery and she finds it great. That's why I choose to go there for my pregnancy checkup.

-I have received really great care from my doctor. She's so knowledgeable in her profession and so helpful about easing my tension of pregnancy. All of the staff is also helpful and friendly.

-It was all going well during the 9-month pregnancy until my due day is expired, which have got me really worried. My doctor suggested a hasten parturition by Chinese acupuncture. But we decided to wait some more days.

-Luckily, I started to have contraction 3 days after my due day. Doctors, nurses all encouraged me to give birth in a natural way. I have tried it but because the baby head is not in right position, finally I had to choose a cesarean for my baby's safety.

-It's really not easy to be a mother, especially for the first time.Still I have tried my best.Before discharge, the hospital even arranged a birthday party for my baby.

With my doctors and nurses' help, I finally get to meet my baby. I really appreciate it and thank you all! I am so happy that I landed here and highly recommend you to choose Elizabeth.

Sep 06, 2016 15:01

Good afternoon, I am a friend of Shizuku, I have received two artificial insemination in Japan, but I have not succeeded in pregnancy. Then I came to China, I succeeded in pregnancy, for the introduction of Shizuku, at the Elizabeth hospital.
And she said, doctors and nurses are very friendly, everything goes very smoothly.
But I have cervical polyp, keep bleeding, constipation habits, low progesterone, uterine bleeding, my baby appeared threatened abortion.
At that time the doctor emergency treatment, B ultrasound examination, blood tests, in the afternoon to do the surgery, injection of hemostatic drugs.
My recovery is very good, in the hospital for 11 days, progesterone rise, hematometra disappeared, baby development situation is very good, the fetal heart beat, I was really touched!
This is through a long time waiting for the baby, it is my precious baby! He's still there, I really appreciate it!
In the hospital, every morning, doctors and nurses to ask me the situation, try to meet my requirements. The translator came to see me everyday, bring me the Japanese novels, comics, and newspapers.
Because my husband is busy with work, I have 6 days to live alone.
The translator said, I am look so lonely, the room looks very empty, so she brought me a windmill and postcards, decorative doll.
I feel so warm.
In the Japanese, Elizabeth hospital due to the location is far, not very famous, but I will recommend it to my friends. Thank you

Sep 06, 2016 14:29

Read the comments above, I have a different view. Please allow me to talk about my thoughts.
I am a Japanese, in April 24, 2016, my baby was born in the Elizabeth hospital.
Discharge from the broken water to the baby, doctors, nurses, translators have 24 hours to accompany me, take care of me.
I like them to let the newborn baby and mother for 2 hours of contact, this let me see my baby can be so smart! He could climb up, he looked up, he looked at me, and made eye contact with me.
When I was discharged from the hospital, the hospital returned to us to hold the party.
My husband is very busy with work, so when the inspection, a lot of time is a person to come, the hospital has to provide transfer services, one day in advance to inform me of the time of the day.
The doctor is very kind, the nurses also smiling, translators also cares for my mood.
Yes, the translator to my family and the baby made the album, sent to the baby bear Tactic.
Although the nutritional meal is not very good, but every day there are fresh fruit and Chinese medicine soup, in order to baby and I am good, I will try to.
Thanks Elizabeth.

Nov 03, 2014 12:08

I delivered my babygirl in elizabeth hospital Guangzhou. and i think it was a biggest mistake of mine to choose this hospital... They are very nice and professional (before payment)... big cheaters (after payment).... If you want to deliver your baby the best place is your own country.. if not possible then better visit Dr.Jennifer from Suntime Hospital of Guangzhou.... you ll be impressed by her knowledge of gynecology....

Feb 05, 2014 12:19

Our daughter was born at Elizabeth hospital on January 8th 2014. If you - like us- are new to Guangzhou, then I strongly recommend to finding alternative place - or travel to HK.

Few examples of the completely unacceptable errors of our experience:

- looks 'good' om outside with 'romantic style rooms' etc- but dont be fooled by a 'nicer exterior - it is all shit on the inside.

- on the second day being hospitalized (prior to giving birth) my wife found someone elses blood on side of the bed - that is the cleaning standard of Elizabeth.

- 'invoicing is king at Elizabeth' - all they care about is money, money and money. They chose to waist time bargaining price for me to oversee the birth of my daughter (from 1300 to 1500 because I didnt want to cut the 'mother baby cord'. For every check-up, if the check itself took 1-2 minutes by the doctor, the same doctor would spend 3 times the time to print out invices.

- the center for premature babies at Elizabeth is so disorganised and painful to overbare. The second 'doctor' in charge looks barely 18 years old,. Under normal circumstances, I wouldnt trust her to cook a meal for me, and most certainly not trust her with my daughters well-being!!!!

- dont be fooled by the 'good treatment' before packages are payed - when money has been payed into the account, they cannot be taken out again, and service level drops at once. Worst is the æady in charge of the so-called VIP guests. Called with questions - she never replies.

So please, dont follow our big mistake by choosing Elizabeth!!!

Dec 01, 2012 22:31

Hi Dear Sir/ Madam
I am looking for IVF treatment in China. Do your hospital do this treatment or If any hospital do this treatment please share with me the information please

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