Guangzhou People’s Park [广州人民公园]

  • Address:2 Lianxin Lu, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
  • Contact: 020 8333 4842  
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Located near the popular shopping district Beijing Lu. Take the Metro to the Gongyuanqian stop and leave the station through exit F and you will find yourself in the shadow of several massive floral arrangements at the park gates advertising the 2010 Asia games that are to be held in Guangzhou. Once in the park you will find that it is quite temperate, even on hotter days, because of the canopy of the foliage overhead. There is usually a great deal of activity in the park as it is frequented everyday by many people who want to enjoy its ambience. It is not uncommon to find choral groups, dance groups, and dozens of groups of people playing tiqiu all at the park at the same time. Despite the number of people you may find there, it is still a very relaxing place to spend an afternoon.

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