Chimelong Water Park [长隆水上乐园]

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  • Address:Yingbin Lu, Panyu District, Guangzhou
  • Getting there: Bus numbers 221, 247, 512, 562
  • Contact: 400 883 0083  
  • Opening hours: 09:00 - 22:30
  • Website:
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If it happens to be particularly hot and humid (typical for Guangzhou), it might be wiser to set your sights on the Chimelong Water Park. This is the largest water park in the world, and one of the few in China, so visiting is a must since it’s so close - a prime location to cool off during those unbearable summer days. Chimelong Water Park currently holds records for the world’s longest lazy river, the world’s largest wave pool, and some of the world’s fastest slides. It can get busy in high season, but never gets too crowded thanks to its immense size. So if you’re looking for a place to beat the heat, Chimelong Water Park is a good first stop.

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alberto cucumber
Sep 20, 2011 03:55

i wish someone had told us you can easily smuggle food in - offering him my bag, the guy gave a cursory prod of my towel then let me in. if you don't want to risk that, there is an area where you can dump your food items, not sure of the price though, because they will obviously charge for that wonderful service. we paid 140rmb each, but had somebody mentioned, we could have saved ourselves about 40rmb each because they offer a student discount. neither of us are students anymore, but in my experience, this kind of thing is easy enough to blag.

i also wish people who write reviews of these places would mention all the hidden extra-charges you find yourself forking out. a 20rmb payment, as well as a 20rmb deposit to use one of their stinky lockers. you also have to pay another 30rmb to rent an inflatable ring - something which is essential for the 1280 metre long Lazy River ride.

another problem is all Chinese men smoking and spitting away as usual. not sure if it's prohibited, but if it is, it certainly isn't enforced.

the first 3 hours at the park and we enjoyed about 1 minute of (admittedly quite exhilerating) action - ALL THE RIDES LAST ABOUT 10 seconds, and you'll find yourself queing for about 30 minutes (even on a Monday). After we became tired of the routine, queue for 30mins, fun for 10 seconds, we felt like a relaxing swim in the giant body of water in the middle of the park. Naturally, this experience is fettered by the multitudes of people joylessly standing around the pool. I say joylessly because of the fascistic life-guards dotted around the permiter, peeping their whistles at any attempts, by anybody, to have any fun. We tried venturing over to the 2 meter deep pool, only to be reprimanded, first by the whistles, then by the megaphone. Other indiscretions include splashing around too much and playing games with the inflatables. After we realised about the only thing we could do was stand around, we suddenly heard a great blast of an air raid siren. Something was about to happen. After a few minutes i noticed that I was gently bobbing up and down a bit. It was a wave machine. At this point we decided to cut our losses and head home. What a disappointment.

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