Dalian World Expo Center [大连世界博览广场]

  • Address:F Zone, 10 Xinghai Square, 572 Zhongshan Lu, Shahekou District, Dalian
  • Getting there: Take bus No.18, 37, 202, 406 or 531 to Xinghai Square (星海广场) stop
  • Contact: 0411 8480 5566/8489 2005  
  • Website: http://www.dl-expo.com/
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The Dalian World Expo Center began construction in 2003 under the Xinghai Bay Management Center and is due for completion at the end of 2004. The magnificent Central Hall is 40 meters high and the building has 4,200 square meters of usable floor area.

World-class communications: All of the exhibition stands, conference rooms and negotiation rooms are equipped with direct phone lines. A wireless covering system and scattered IC card telephone booths can ensure a limitless communications. There are 3500 information points, 1000 phone points and 20 wireless information points. Advanced simultaneous interpretation networks and interactive information points are also under construction. Users will be connected to the Internet through LAN without the need for dialing.

Outdoor media platform: A giant 200 square meter television screen adorns the outside wall of the Dalian World Expo Center. Facing Xinghai Square, through which 12 million visitors pass this year, the screen represents an outstanding advertising and promotional opportunity.

The Convention Hall: Dalian World Expo Center has 8 Convention Halls. Each Hall is of a different style and can accommodate 100-300 people-an ideal setting for large-scale conventions, news briefings long-distance video conferences etc.

The Halls boast an impressive digital Convention system including visitor administration, conference registration, discussion, voting, speech and video connections and an infrared interpretation system. In addition, the Halls are equipped with professional application systems including a digital back projection utility, professional CRT large screen televisions, projectors, multimedia video stands and multifunctional electronic whiteboards.

The multifunctional Hall: The Hall has been designed to host large-scale international conferences, press conferences, news briefings, large-scale receptions, large balls, weddings and so on. Lobbies and makeup rooms have also been provided for the hosting of theatrical evenings and fashion shows. The digital meeting system includes mobile infrared simultaneous interpretation systems and multilingual receiving devices. The professional amplification system is a world-class standard.

It has held many exhibitions and expos such as China Dalian Import & Export Commodities Fair and International Shipbuilding Port and Marine Technology and Transportation Equipment Exhibition in China for several times.

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