Dalian Studios [大连影城]

| 0 Reviews | 50 – 55 RMB CNY | | Cinemas
  • Address:4F Roosevelt Shopping Mall, 123 Xi'an Lu, Shahekou District, Dalian
    大连市沙河口区西安路123号 罗斯福天兴国际中心四楼
  • Contact: 0411 8389 9112  
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Located in the Roosevelt Shopping Mall on Xi'an Street, Dalian Studios provides a convenient location to see a movie before or after shopping. The cinema has nine movie screens showing a range of films from current domestic offerings to current releases from the US, Europe and Asia. The cinema’s spacious waiting area includes seating and tables and a few video games to enjoy before going in to see a movie. The snack bar offers a variety of movie snacks including popcorn, cookies, Chinese style hot-dogs, coffee, water and soda. The screening rooms offer comfortable seating on an incline for unhindered viewing and extra-wide row spacing for easy entry or exit to your sea...

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