Anbo New Paradise Spa Resort [安波新乐园温泉 ]

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  • Address:Anbo New Paradise Spa Resort, Pulandian City, Liaoning Province
  • Contact: 0411 3962 2688  
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Designed in the style of a traditional Japanese ryokan, the New Paradise offers comfortable accommodation that incorporates spa culture into almost every facet of your stay. There are over 30 large and small open-air hot spring baths where you can enjoy the fresh outside air as you soak in water ranging between 40 and 75 degrees Celsius. Additionally, the resort offers a poolside restaurant as well as several indoor spring baths. The adventurous are recommended to try the "kissing fish" pool where for 15 minutes you can soak in a pool filled with fish whose movement around you results in a massage like sensation and easing of muscle tension. The resort offers a range of spa ...

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