Cloud Water Spa at the Shizhouyunshui Hotel [十洲云水酒店桑拿洗浴]

| 1 Reviews | RMB 48/person | Spas
  • Address:839 Changjiang Lu, Shahekou District, Dalian
  • Contact: 0411 8886 8888 ext. 8008  
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Matching the idea of a hotel with a spa experience, Cloud Water has 12 separate rooms each offering different functions. The "salt brick" steam room, for example, incorporates natural salt bricks with steam to draw out acidic pollutants from the body in a natural manner. Similarly, in the "urn bath", guests are covered in a special mix of minerals and soil that not only draws toxins from the body but also moistures and nourishes the skin at the same time. A popular room is the "jade tree field", where guests can sit, lie and rest on pure jade stones that allow guests to naturally cool down without fans or air-conditioning. Cloud Water also offers more traditional spa amenities such as showers and baths. Guests have access to other hotels services such as the in-house restaurant. Tickets to the spa range from 49 to 59 RMB per person.

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Bimal sarkhel
Oct 18, 2011 11:21

We are a couple and wish to use the facilities " As couple " . Like , sauna, spa ,massage (if you have ) we like to avail together . Is it possible ? How much it would cost ? what are the timings ?

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