Karen International Spa Club [大连凯伦国际温泉俱乐部 ]

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  • Address:17 Haibin Lu, Dalian Development Zone, Dalian
  • Contact: 0411 8733 2518  
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A joint-venture between the Dalian Karen Hotel and the Japanese Ywan Yue Company, the Karen International Spa Club spares no expense to provide a quality spa experience. Unlike other local spas, the water used at the International is completely drawn from the Dagushan hot spring. Accordingly, not only can you enjoy a relaxing hot shower but can also receive the health benefits associated with the natural minerals in the water. The spa includes both outdoor and indoor spa bathing areas that include showering facilities and soaking pools. In addition, guests have access to a wide range of massage therapies, from foot and hand massages to acupuncture. If you’re looking for a little entertainment after a steam bath and shower, the International has an onsite Internet cafe, game room (with ping pong tables, pool and fuzzball), children’s entertainment centre and restaurant. Ticket prices vary according to the services and sections you choose.

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