International Students' Department, Sichuan International Studies University [四川外国语学院留学生部]

  • Address:33 Zhuangzhi Lu, Shapingba District, Chongqing
  • Getting there: Take bus No.210, 801, 821, 882 to Xizheng University
  • Contact: 023-65380021  
  • Website:
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Courses: Comprehensive Chinese, Spoken Chinese, Listening Comprehension, Chinese Characters, Reading, Writing, Chinese Through Films and TV, Chinese Culture, Survey of China, Business Chinese, and optional courses or lectures on Selected Poems of Tang and Song Dynasties, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Characters and Seal Cutting, Touring China, Chinese Painting, Chinese Commerce and Trade, Chinese Martial Art and Qigong, Chinese Folk Songs, Sichuan Cuisine, Chongqing and Sichuan Culture, Chinese Operas, Taiji Boxing, etc.



Textbook fees

Registration fees

One-semester course

RMB 6,000 / semester

RMB 250

RMB 400

One-year course

RMB 12,000 / academic year

RMB 500

RMB 400

Undergraduate courses for BA candidates

RMB 15,000 / academic year

RMB 550 yuan

RMB 400 yuan

postgraduate courses for MA candidates

RMB 20,000 / academic year

RMB 600

RMB 400

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