Wanda International Movie City (Ouya Shopping Mall Location) [万达欧亚国际电影城]

  • Address:4F, Ouya shopping centre, 196 Kaiyun Jie, Chaoyang District, near Feiyue Lu, Chaoyang District, Changchun
    长春市朝阳区开运街196号欧亚购物中心4层 近飞跃路
  • Contact: 0431 8859 5522  
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While there are three other Wanda theatres in Changchun, and other theatres equipped with 3D technology, this is Changchun’s only IMAX theatre and consequently its ticket prices can sometimes be significantly more expensive than those of its competitors. For example, tickets to the movie Avatar sold for 150 RMB. However, many argue that the sound quality and screen size of an IMAX theatre more than justify the price. Also, excluding extremely popular movies like Avatar, the average cost of a ticket ranges from 40-80 RMB. The main drawback to watching a movie at this theatre is getting to it, since it is located far from Changchun’s centre and can only be reached by taxi.

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